Friday, August 12, 2011

Light of the World!

Wednesday Night Service - August 10, 2011

Mr. Kevin is teaching the Youth that Christians need to set a good example to others and be the "Light of the World".

John 8:12... Light of the World
Luke 8:16... Light should not be hidden. (You can light the world for Christ! God is our Lighthouse! He will guide you wherever you go. Follow Him & He will lead you)!
John 3:19... Right has become wrong. Good has become bad.
Isaiah 5:20... Light for Darkness. Sweet for Bitter.

Christians are to live differently. They are to live in the world, but not be of the world. (You need to know right from wrong and do the right things ALL the time)! You need to bring the knowledge of Christ to people who don't know Him. How do we do that?... Here are two keys:
  1. Share Jesus with others.
  2. Become a reflection of Jesus Christ.
Don't complicate stuff. We need to teach the world the truth about the Gospel and Keep It Simple! Don't keep your Light hidden. Let it Shine! Wake up and be Happy! The happiest a Christian can be is to see someone come to Christ.

Rick Warren wrote an awesome book called, "The Purpose Driven Life". He made a comment about...
2 Basic Reasons People Don't Know Their Lord and Savior:
  1. They never met a Christian.
  2. They met a Christian.
Our walk with the Lord matters. What we say and do as Christians matters and people are watching. You do influence more people than you know... so, Shine your Light for the Whole World to See! Set the Example and let Christ Shine through YOU!

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