Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Wednesday Night Service - January 5, 2011

Mr. Kevin was teaching on Proverbs 3:1-35 and how this chapter can help our youth today get on the right path for God for the New Year.

Top 5 Resolutions of a New Year:

5. Take up a new hobby.
4. To make more money.
3. To improve on our relationships.
2. Stop smoking.
1. Lose weight.

Resolutions are broken down into 3 Catagories:
  1. To make us look better and live longer. (Longevity)
  2. To have more stuff. (Prosperity)
  3. To get along with everybody. (Peace)
The verses of Proverbs 3 are important for us to follow and learn from...
They teach us to trust in the Lord...
  • vs. 3&4...Love and Faithfulness (am I faithful/loyal to my family, friends and religion?)
  • vs. 5&6...Common Sense (Psalm 18:30 - The Word is flawless and perfect)
  • vs. 7&8...Acknowledge God as your Authority.
  • vs. 9&10...Honor the Lord with your time, talents, treasures.
  • vs. 11&12...Discipline is to teach you / punishment is for consequences of past behavior.
  • vs. 13-20...Characteristics of Wisdom: knowledge, learning, data, information, intellect, intelligence, facts and experience
  • vs. 21-24...Characteristics of Wisdom: perception, discernment, judgement, reasoning, insight, prudence, discretion and common sense
  • vs. 25&26...Don't worry about the things you cannot control.
  • vs. 27&28...Help those whom you cannot help.
  • vs. 29&30...Don't judge others.
  • vs. 31&32...Don't envy a violent man because the Lord detest it.
  1. Focus on what you accomplished last year instead of your failures.
  2. Give up your grudges. (Colossians 3:13)
  3. Restore relationships. (Romans 12:18)
  4. Turn your back on your transgressions. (Romans 6:2)
  5. Do not let sin control you.

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